That's right; we are more like a community, than a workplace. Everyone is ready to give their sweat and blood for every game we are creating! We are ridiculously involved with all our games. For the development process of the DIE HARD mobile game we equipped the office with several toy guns, and when creating TheEndApp we became the biggest duct tape buyers of Budapest.

We launched Goroid to create mobile games we enjoy playing. Our mission is to entertain casual gamers while challenging hard core gamers. Goroid is launched by Laszlo Kesmarki, CEO and lead developer and Carnation Group; Both Carnation Group and Goroid Ltd are part of POSSIBLE Worldwide. This is a great set-up, since Carnation Group is famous for its award winning creative online solutions; together we are unbeatable!

Having a strong technical background, with world-class, bad-ass devs, our games are stabile and flawless. Always! Goroid's dedicated team of talented artists creates awesome aesthetics in different visual styles. The awesome team makes it possible to meet the deadlines, whatever those are!